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Fostering in Wales

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We are and independent fostering agency that specialise in recruiting and training foster carers to look after vulnerable children. Our website includes a myriad of different resources full of information to help you decide whether fostering is right for you and your family. If you would like to learn more about fostering in your local area then click on the corresponding link below. Further information about the process of how to become a foster carer can be found HERE.

Family Fostering Partners support foster parents the whole time the child or young person is in placement with them – short or long-term. So, if you decide to become a registered foster carer, be assured you are not on your own; you will have all the support necessary to make the fostering placement a success.

Further information about the process of how to become a foster carer can be found here. Whilst details about the different types of fostering available can be found on our placements page. 

If you would like to know more about fostering in your local area then visit our fostering in Wales page which has further details regarding the need for more foster carers where you live.

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Latest figures on looked after children in Wales

The latest figures from the Welsh Government show an 8% increase in the number of children in care in Wales compared to the previous year. In response to these new figures, Colin Turner the director of Fostering Network reiterated our call for more families across Wales to open their homes…

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Taste of Fostering

We have put together a range of workshops which give you a taste and flavour of how to become a foster carer and what skills and experience we will help you gain during the process. Workshop topics will include Behaviour Management, Parent and Child Fostering, Training and Learning for carers,…

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