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10 very good reasons to foster with us

The Fostering Network has decided to start 2020 with a bang, and to draw attention to the need for more than 550 additional foster carers in Wales. They aim to remind people of the importance of fostering, and the difference it can make to children’s lives. The campaign comes at a time when statistics suggest that more children than ever need safe and loving home and it compiles a list of 20 reasons why you should consider becoming a foster parent -  but choosing the right agency is every bit as important as making that decision to foster.

We can think of 10 very good reasons why it makes sense to choose to foster for Family Fostering Partners for your change of career in 2020.

  1. We provide you with the very best support so that you can help a child who’s had a difficult past
  2. We will be with you every step of the way so make sure the future is bright for your family and for the children you will be helping
  3. You will receive training in a range of different subjects to make sure that both you and the child in your care reach your full potential
  4. We will help you celebrate how amazing and rewarding fostering can be with regular fun events.
  5. We will introduce you other foster parents who are all doing the same job.
  6. We will match you with children who will fit in with your family and help you decide what type of fostering, and what age of children are right for you.
  7. We will help you stay focused on the difference that you are making to a child’s life –a difference which will last a lifetime.
  8. We will work openly and honestly with you because we value all our foster parents as part of our family team.
  9. We will make sure that you are supported to be positive role model for children, building their confidence and changing their lives – for the better.
  10. We will provide you with financial reward which allow you to focus on fostering as a professional career.


So why wait? Get in touch now to make 2020 the year you become a foster parent.



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