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Month: August 2019

Can I choose the age of the children we look after?

22 August 2019

One of the questions you will be asked during the assessment process to become a foster parent is what age children you would like to look after, and if you have birth children of your own then the temptation can be to wonder whether younger children would be the best fit for you. After all, you will already…

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Getting Started

21 August 2019

Most of our foster parents tell us that they have thought about it for years before making the decision to take a first step towards fostering, and we can truly understand the reasons why families wait so long before deciding they are ready to learn more. There are probably a million reasons why you might think you can’t,…

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Family Fostering Partners?

Vacancy: Link Worker

Our Parent and Child Fostering service is growing, and in addition to always looking for new families to work in this specialised field, we are also looking to recruit a confident individual, who has experience of working with children and families, to join us as a Link Worker.   You…

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Short Break Fostering

What is short break fostering? Short break fostering is a type of part-time care, similar to respite foster care. Short break carers will look after a child temporarily for a limited amount of time, this may be for a week or two in school holidays, or perhaps on weekends. The…

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