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Month: July 2020

Short Break Fostering

29 July 2020

What is short break fostering? Short break fostering is a type of part-time care, similar to respite foster care. Short break carers will look after a child temporarily for a limited amount of time, this may be for a week or two in school holidays, or perhaps on weekends. The care situation will be specific to each individual…

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Fostering as a Career

27 July 2020

Can foster care be a career?  Yes, absolutely! Family Fostering Partners recognise fostering as a professional career and it is widely considered a viable career option. Whilst many people recognise the charitable nature of fostering, we understand that this takes time and hard work, just like any other job! Not only is fostering a fantastic career choice, but…

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Church Road Seven Sisters Blast Support Fund

17 July 2020

We, like so many others, were heartbroken when we heard of the recent explosion on Church Road at Seven Sisters. If the incident has passed you by then you can read more about it here on the BBC’s website.   Our work takes us to cities, towns, and villages across South Wales, and Seven Sisters is no exception.…

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Family Fostering Partners?

Independent Fostering Agencies vs Local Authorities – What’s the Difference?

If you’re new to fostering, you may be wondering what the difference is between independent foster agencies and local authorities. As a new or prospective carer, you have the choice whether to register with your local authority (LA) or with an independent fostering agency (IFA), such as Family Fostering Partners! …

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Foster Care Requirements

Fostering is an extraordinary thing to do, and often, it’s just normal people going out of their way to change children’s lives and make a difference in society. It is a common misconception that there are loads of rules and requirements surrounding being a foster parent. In fact, there are…

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