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Month: January 2022

Do foster carers pay tax?

18 January 2022

In a word – yes. When you take that courageous, altruistic step and decide to become a foste r parent, chances are you've turned your back on a regular salary, along with the security and stability that brings. Instead, as a professional foster carer, you are now required to register with HMRC as a self-employed person, opening up…

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Foster Care Benefits

11 January 2022

Deciding to become a foster parent and care for a child or young person who needs your help is a courageous and rewarding step, with many benefits for you and the child in your care. One of the most important deciding factors in becoming a foster parent, which we get asked about a lot, is the money: how…

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Elephants on the loose in Hereford Town Centre!

Elephants On The Loose In Hereford Town Centre! Somewhat overnight, it appears that the owners of Hereford’s town centre shops have been taken over by an abundance of elephants! But not the grey, big, noisy kind! The small, blue, soft, and adorable kind with a very important message… ‘Buttons The…

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How to Become a Foster Parent

At Family Fostering Partners we are here to guide and support you through any challenges or hurdles you may face on your fostering journey! Step-by-step guide to becoming a foster parent - from filling out an application form to the Fostering Panel An explanation of the different stages of becoming…

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