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Your Local Not for Profit Fostering Agency in Wales

Family Fostering Partners, in collaboration with the Welsh Government have been actively working to prepare for and to shape the future of fostering in Wales. The Welsh Government has proposed a range of policy decisions to improve the way in which social care is delivered in Wales. One of these changes is their intention to encourage fostering agencies to become not for profit fostering agencies.

At Family Fostering Partners we’ve been working closely with the Welsh Government, NAFP, and other organisations to prepare for, and to help shape, this new policy. Therefore, we’re excited and thrilled to announce that we are beginning the transition process to become a not for profit fostering agency.

Our commitment and values remain unchanged as we transition from a family owned and managed agency, to a not for profit. We are proud of our track record and the achievements of the children in our care and will continue to put children first whatever the legislation might bring. We will also continue to deliver the highest standards of training and support for our valued foster parents.

This is an exciting time for us, we’re looking forward to being able to become a not for profit foster care agency. Consequently, there has never been a better time to join our family of Foster Parents, whether you’re completely new to fostering, or whether you’re already an experienced foster carer and looking to join a not for profit fostering agency.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our Not For Profit Fostering Agency


As a Not For Profit Fostering Agency will FFP continue to work with Local Authorities?

Absolutely. We have been working hard over the last few years to assist the Welsh Government in their vision. Our commitment to supporting local authorities across Wales in finding safe, loving homes for children and young people in Wales remains unchanged. We will continue to grow our cohort of foster carers across Wales, and continue to provide outstanding support, guidance, and training to our foster parents.


Will Foster Care agencies still exist in Wales?

Yes. Foster care agencies are crucial to fostering. As specialists in our field, we offer high quality support and training to foster parents. The Welsh Government recognises our role and supports our continued growth as a not for profit foster care agency so that we can help look after children who are fostered across Wales.


Are Foster Parents required to join Foster Wales?

Absolutely not. The Welsh Government have made it clear that they value the high-quality services provided by agencies like ours. As a not-for-profit, we're here to support the government and local authorities in caring for children and young people and are excited to be able to do so by beginning our transition to becoming a not-for-profit foster care agency.

Foster Parents do amazing work, and it’s vital that those who foster are given a choice of who they foster with, that’s why we will be here to offer the best possible support to those who want to join our not for profit agency.


Will there be changes in support from Family Fostering Partners?

No. By becoming a not for profit our commitment to supporting, assisting, training, and recruiting Foster Parents remains as strong as ever, building on our nearly 10-year history in Wales.

Our latest CIW report speaks for itself:

[Family Fostering Partners] clearly places children’s well-being at the centre of everything it does”.

This is exceptional level of care that we will continue to provide as your local Welsh not for profit fostering agency.


Joining Our Not For Profit Fostering Agency

Whether you’re new to fostering, or you’re an experienced carer looking to transfer from another IFA or Foster Wales we’re always at hand to talk to those who want to learn more about us or about fostering.

We can get in touch by visiting our “Contact Us” page, by using our fostering live chat feature which is staffed 7 days a week by members of our team, or you can call us directly on 0330 0948816.


Thinking about fostering?

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