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Our values – Fostering in England and Wales

Why have we chosen elephants for our logo?

Elephants are extremely intelligent animals and have memories that span many years. They form deep family bonds, and live in tight matriarchal family groups. When a calf is born, it is raised and protected by the whole matriarchal herd. Elephants engage in greeting ceremonies, complex communication, courtship, teaching, and communal care. They also display signs of grief, joy, anger and play.

It is because elephants are so good at looking after their young that we chose them as our logo and we have created two cuddly elephants, Blue and Buttons, to help communicate with our younger children. They have also proved very popular at our foster carer recruitment events!

As a leading fostering agency in Wales championing change in our sector. Family Fostering Partners has been shaping the future for independent fostering agencies for almost a decade. Founded in 2015 our aim has always been to provide foster carers with the opportunity to be involved in building incredible futures for vulnerable children and young people. 

Whatever it may be that draws people to work with an independent fostering agency, Family Fostering Partners offers the opportunity to work with a highly qualified team who take the time to get to know them individually and understand their personal needs. 

Across South & West Wales, and Mid-West England we work with local authorities to provide the highest quality foster care. Our team has worked tirelessly over the years to create an agency that allows anyone involved, be they staff or carers, to feel like part of the family. Being part of our family comes with our promise to look after you, with genuine support, be that emotional or practical. Our support creates space for the important bit to take priority – providing the best possible foster care. With this ethos in mind, the services we deliver help us to give back to the communities in which we operate.  The cities, towns and villages that our carers reside in. 

Why Choose Our Fostering Agency?

As a leading fostering agency in Wales, we are frequently told that our careers have chosen to be part of our family, and continue to stay with us, as our approach allows them to feel involved in all aspects of the process. They have a voice, and it is always heard. Our founder has been heavily involved in both the public and private sector for the majority of her working life, this has put us in great stead to harness all the positive aspects and channel them into our agency. Ultimately the foster parents and the children that they look after will always remain at the heart of everything we do.

Becoming A Foster Parent

Becoming a foster parent is no small feat, choosing the right foster care agency to embark on the journey with you is of utmost importance. At family fostering partners our ‘whys’ are simple:

-       As an independent agency with a friendly, family centred approach our sole focus is to give the children and young people we work with the best possible outcome

-       We will provide all support and training to fulfil any care role, in turn ensuring the home set up a child is entering is best suited to their needs

-       With a family focused mentality being our sole foundation in our approach to foster care, our agency is built on teamwork, trust and communication.  

Children and young people come into care for different reasons, which is why we offer a range of fostering placements to meet their needs. We invite you to learn more about Family Fostering Partners and the types of fostering we specialise in.

Thinking about fostering?

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