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Additional Learning Needs Fostering Allowance

  • Fostering is considered a full time job, which means it’s only right that you are rewarded for all your hard work helping your foster child grow & develop
  • What is a Fostering Allowance?
  • How does the Additional Learning Needs Fostering Allowance differ?

Family Fostering Partners is a Tier 1 fostering agency with years of experience and knowledge in creating nurturing environments for foster children to grow up as all children should! We value your commitment and dedication to transforming the lives of foster children, as we understand the challenges you may face. In order to provide a safe, stable and loving environment for a foster child, we at Family Fostering Partners are willing to support you in any way you may need; this includes a fostering allowance! Being a foster carer is viewed as a professional career, so it is only right for foster parents to receive an allowance for all their hard work! You are entrusted with the crucial job of enriching the life of a foster child and aiding their growth and development into adulthood.

What is a Fostering Allowance?

A fostering allowance is comprised of two fees. The first is a child allowance to cover all the costs of looking after a child or young person, such as food, clothing, necessities and bills. The second part of the allowance is a foster parent fee to recognise your hard work and reward you for changing a foster child's life. This allowance is also expected to cover holidays, leisure, and any other fun activities you have planned to help your foster child grow and develop as any child should! Foster carers also benefit from reduced tax rates due to certain exemptions governed by the HMRC, which supports tax relief for those fostering. Our fostering allowance is paid to you fortnightly, and the amount will depend on your circumstances, as well as the child in your care.

We also take into consideration the complexity of your foster child's needs, which is where our Additional Learning Needs Fostering Allowance comes in!

How does the Additional Learning Needs Fostering Allowance Differ?

This fostering allowance is based on the same principles and is still in line with the child and carer fee system. However, we recognise that fostering a child with additional learning needs comes with different challenges, as they often require both internal and external specialist care. With this in mind, the allowance for fostering a child of any age with additional learning needs is adapted to cover these extra costs to ensure both you and the child in your care have all the support you need. Our Additional Learning Needs Fostering Allowance will cover any training, specialist guidance or professional help you may require, making both the transitioning and settling-in period as seamless as possible! This financial aid is aimed at helping you look after a child with more complicated requirements who needs that bit of extra understanding and support.

Alongside the Additional Learning Needs Fostering Allowance, we will ensure you are surrounded by a network of professionals with the knowledge and experience of working with foster children with additional learning needs. Whether you are a new or veteran foster carer, Family Fostering Partners offers 24/7 support to help and guide you on your fostering journey!

Thinking of fostering? Please contact us here at Family Fostering Partners for more information or to apply to become a foster carer.

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