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Black History Month 2021

As part of our work with the local Authorities across Wales we receive referrals for children from a wide array of backgrounds and ethnicities. This presents us with the challenge of ensuring that every child or young person is placed with a foster family who can help them feel connected with, and to continue to learn about their unique heritage and culture.  When children and young people have their individuality respected it helps them build a sense of safety, identity and belonging within their foster family. To manage this effectively we need our cohort of Foster Parents to truly represent and reflect the communities in which we work, and to match with the needs of the children and young people that look after. This is particularly true of families from a Black Caribbean, African or multiracial backgrounds.


Notable people who were previously looked after children, include:


Eddie Murphy, Actor


Floella Benjamin, TV presenter, Producer, Author and Baroness in The House of Lords


Lorraine Pascale, Chef and television personality


Chris Akabusi, Athlete


Simone Biles, Athlete


Pandora Christie, Radio Presenter


Unfortunately, some of their experiences growing up in care were not happy ones, but in truth, the negative stories are often as important as the happy ones. Through learning important lessons from the past, and from hearing personal stories, we can create better systems of support for children who are looked after. If you think you could help build a better future for children in your community, then you can contact us using the live chat dialogue box or by completing our contact form below.


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