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Category: Further insights

Our commitment

18 June 2018

  We have already mentioned on our website, and in many of our blog posts about our values and how we always aim to be different from the larger fostering agencies. One of our most important values is ensuring that we work locally within the areas where our carers live, helping us to give back to the communities…

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Fostering in Carmarthenshire

11 May 2018

Carmarthenshire is a county with a juxtaposing landscape, from the mountainous edge of the Beacon Beacons to the beautiful sandy sea coast, and from the post-industrial mining areas of the east to the rural farming area of the North West, Carmarthenshire really is a microcosm of Wales. Despite it’s beauty and individuality, Carmarthenshire has not escaped some of…

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Fostering in Llanelli

11 May 2018

There is a significant need for more foster carers across Wales, however it is easy to forget that the national need for more foster carers has real implications for your local community. For example, there are children in and around Llanelli that desperately need warm and loving homes to keep them safe and make them feel wanted. Therefore,…

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Busting some Fostering Myths

5 October 2017

Our staff have years of experience working in fostering across Wales, which means that we have come across our fair share of fostering myths! We will be taking the next few weeks to list some of the most common myths and misconceptions about fostering, which we hope might help more people rule themselves in, instead of out, of…

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Schools out – but what happens in September?

17 August 2016

Whilst school holidays can represent freedom and fun filled days for some families, for others they can be poignant times associated with the end of an era! Families with older teenagers may be facing the prospect of a teary goodbye as they wave their children off to university or college come September and October. After 18 plus years…

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Can I still foster if I have pets?

26 March 2016

Ownership of pets does not necessarily preclude anyone from becoming a foster carer. The potential implications presented by ownership of any type of pets will be assessed on their own merits. The presence of animals in foster homes can be of real benefit and in certain case have a positive and therapeutic effect on children. For a foster…

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Fostering February – Dispelling myths about fostering

3 February 2016

After a wet and miserable start to the year, Fostering February is a campaign aimed at a very positive message and designed to raise awareness about foster caring and what this actually involves. During the month, the emphasis will be on dispelling some of the myths and misconceptions which surround fostering, myths that might be preventing people from…

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The importance of social activities for children in care

18 January 2016

To function successfully with their peer groups and in wider society, all children need to learn important skills such as being able to work as part of a group, cooperating with others, following directions, using self-control, and concentrating on tasks. Social and emotional competence describes our ability to understand, manage, and express these aspects of our lives in…

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Birth Children and Fostering

11 January 2016

Our own experience, and a considerable body of academic research has found that in general, the relationships that develop between a foster carers' own children and their fostered children are positive for both parties. Each fostered child, and each carer’s child is an individual, and their characteristics will influence how fostering is experienced and the relationship between them.…

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New Year’s Resolution to become a Foster Carer?

4 January 2016

Christmas is a time when thoughts are focussed on family and children and possibly on the New Year ahead. So now the tree and decorations are down for another year, these thoughts may now have developed into New Year Resolutions. For some people, these resolutions have included a decision to take positive steps towards doing something to help…

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What's new at

Family Fostering Partners?

Can I Foster if?

Many people ask us some variation of the question "Can I foster if....". Therefore, we've collated and answered some of the most commonly asked questions to help alleviate any concerns that you may have regarding whether you can foster. Can I Foster if.... I’m gay? A person’s sexual orientation has…

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10 very good reasons to foster with us

The Fostering Network has decided to start 2020 with a bang, and to draw attention to the need for more than 550 additional foster carers in Wales. They aim to remind people of the importance of fostering, and the difference it can make to children’s lives. The campaign comes at…

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