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Category: News

The Impact of Fostering Children on Siblings: Strategies for Building Strong Bonds

19 December 2023

The journey of fostering children is a profound and transformative experience, not just for the children involved but also for their siblings. In this blog, we'll delve into the dynamics of fostering children, aiming to highlight and explore the unique challenges and opportunities it presents and the importance of building strong sibling bonds where possible. At Family Fostering…

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LGBTQ+ History Month 2023

31 January 2023

At Family Fostering Partners, we encourage all our foster parents and staff to be their true authentic selves. This month, in recognition and celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month, we would like to debunk some of the myths about fostering as an LGBTQ+ person. Our aim is that the foster parents we support and train are as diverse as…

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Elephants on the loose in Hereford Town Centre!

8 August 2022

Elephants On The Loose In Hereford Town Centre! Somewhat overnight, it appears that the owners of Hereford’s town centre shops have been taken over by an abundance of elephants! But not the grey, big, noisy kind! The small, blue, soft, and adorable kind with a very important message… ‘Buttons The Foster Elephant’ is working hard around the town…

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Black History Month 2021

1 October 2021

As part of our work with the local Authorities across Wales we receive referrals for children from a wide array of backgrounds and ethnicities. This presents us with the challenge of ensuring that every child or young person is placed with a foster family who can help them feel connected with, and to continue to learn about their…

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Fostering Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children

9 September 2021

‘Can I foster an Asylum Seeking child fleeing conflict in Afghanistan?’ is a question we have frequently received at Family Fostering Partners over the past few weeks. The short answer is that yes, you can. But only by becoming a foster parent.   Caring for Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers is a specialist form of fostering which is sadly always in…

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Buttons The Foster Elephant, Tŷ Hafan Charity Cuddly Toy

16 March 2021

Those who are familiar with FFP will know the familiar story of the two elephants Buttons and Blue who have helped countless children and foster families to discuss the concept of fostering. Both Buttons and Blue have already been transformed into eBook characters, Cartoons, and loads of different pictures and art projects by children and young people. Now…

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Church Road Seven Sisters Blast Support Fund

17 July 2020

We, like so many others, were heartbroken when we heard of the recent explosion on Church Road at Seven Sisters. If the incident has passed you by then you can read more about it here on the BBC’s website.   Our work takes us to cities, towns, and villages across South Wales, and Seven Sisters is no exception.…

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The Story of Dr Paul Stephenson OBE

8 June 2020

    At Family Fostering Partners we enjoy taking the time to thank and congratulate the amazing foster carers who dedicate their lives to helping achieve the very best outcomes for the children and young people in their care, but the quote below is not dedicated to a foster carer. It is not dedicated to an individual who…

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Tough times never last, but tough people do

31 March 2020

- Robert H. Schuller The coronavirus has brought tough times for everyone: from health issues be they physical or mental, to job loss and economic hardship. Everyone is affected in some way and to some degree, so I would just like to thank and publicly acknowledge our staff and foster carers for the resilience they have shown in…

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10 very good reasons to foster with us

1 January 2020

The Fostering Network has decided to start 2020 with a bang, and to draw attention to the need for more than 550 additional foster carers in Wales. They aim to remind people of the importance of fostering, and the difference it can make to children’s lives. The campaign comes at a time when statistics suggest that more children…

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How to tell a foster child they are leaving; saying goodbye to a foster child.

How to tell a foster child they are leaving  When you foster with Family Fostering Partners, family comes first; the value of a familial bond is central to everything we do with our network of foster parents and the children in their care.  It's no surprise then that when a…

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