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Church Road Seven Sisters Blast Support Fund

We, like so many others, were heartbroken when we heard of the recent explosion on Church Road at Seven Sisters. If the incident has passed you by then you can read more about it here on the BBC’s website.


Our work takes us to cities, towns, and villages across South Wales, and Seven Sisters is no exception. In fact, one of our families who are currently being assessed as foster parents live just a few streets away from the explosion, which is why when we heard of the Church Road Seven Sisters Blast Support Fund, we knew that we had to pledge our support.


We are always trying to find new ways to give back to the neighbourhoods in which we live and work and have first-hand experience of the amazing and supportive community that exists within the village of Severn Sisters. It is hard not be impressed with the way in which so many people are striving, in whatever way that they can, to help support and rebuild the lives of those directly affected by this terrible incident.


We are very pleased to be able to help this cause by making a donation and would like to thank all those who are working so hard to make a difference during this time, and of course, we wish those who have been affected, the very best.


If you would like to give your own donation to the fund you can do so by going to the Church Road Seven Sisters Blast Support Fund’s GoFundMe page. There will also be a Facebook livestream at 6pm tonight (the 17th of July) with music and fundraising.


Everyone at Family Fostering Partners

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