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Could your fostering journey be written in the stars?

People have been fascinated by the Zodiac Signs for centuries! The sun’s positioning, and consequently the ‘star sign’ your birth falls under is said to have a strong influence on your personality, character, emotions, and relationships.

It’s no coincidence that our Foster Parents within Family Fostering Partners share personality traits, and those traits make them fantastic Foster Parents! Kindness, patience, resilience, and empathy are all words we could use to describe the foster parents within our family… but have you ever wondered if your star sign may make you more or less likely to be a Foster Parent? Could your fostering journey be ‘written in the stars’?! 

Virgo is a zodiac sign represented by a maiden, demonstrating purity in their intentions and desire to find purpose. The organized, logical thinking and devoted Virgo makes the perfect foster parent on paper, which is probably why a huge 11% of our foster parents fall under this sign! A tie for joint first is the ambitious, open minded and enthusiastic Sagittarius, also representing 11% of our Foster Parents. 

Scorpios are in at a close second with 8%. Driven, passionate and perceptive are qualities the Scorpio holds, the recipe for a fantastic foster parent. 

The Aries sign is represented by the symbol of a ram, reflecting their tendency to seek challenges head on and their strong sense of social justice; A key motivator for many foster parents is the desire to make a change to young person’s life. The adaptable and communicative Gemini, and intuitive and compassionate Pisces join Aries in each representing 7% of our Foster Parents.  

Dedicated Taurus’, supportive Cancer’s, organized Capricorns, and protective Leo’s comprise just over 5% of our Foster Parents.  

Our friendly Aquarius and charming Libra foster parents make up just over 2% of our foster parents. Perhaps the Libras’ indecisiveness or the Aquarius’s rebellious nature is the reason why so few of our Foster Parents fall under this sign…. But we like to think the strengths of these signs far outweigh the weaknesses! 

Of our ‘Parent and Child’ Foster Parents, responsible for the care of parents and their babies, the results are even more surprising! 30% of our PAC foster parents are Scorpios; Determination, honesty and dedication are qualities linked to Scorpios, but equally to foster parents too. Geminis closely follow (20%); best known for multitasking, communication, and their adaptability.  

Whichever Zodiac sign you fall under, you’ll be welcomed warmly to Family Fostering Partners. There has never been a greater need for Foster Parents… whether you’re strongly influenced by your star signs, or a bit of a mould breaker, we want to hear from you! 

If you’ve been looking for a sign to start your fostering journey…. this is it.  

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