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Does new technology have a place in fostering?

With everybody talking about ‘AI taking over the world’, we believe that some things are better off ‘old school’! We know the frustration of asking a ‘chat bot’ a question and going around and around in circles whilst it try’s (and often fails) to figure out what you mean!

Did you know that if you use the ‘chat to us’ feature on our website, it isn’t a robot speaking back to you, but an actual human member of the FFP team (Buttons hasn’t learnt to type yet…). We are dedicated to providing a service to answer questions about fostering, even if they come through outside of the normal 9am-5pm! You can ask us anything about fostering, and we will try our very very best to answer it. If we can’t help, we’ll be happy to point you in the direction of someone who can!

It goes without saying that technology plays a part in the lives of our fostering families, now more than ever. If you are not the most tech savvy, we are here to offer all the support and training you need to make navigating the ever-changing world of technology a breeze. We offer Internet Safety Training to all of our foster parents, and your friendly link workers will be happy to advise of the latest tech, parental controls and more!

Technology is always changing, but our commitment to recruiting and supporting foster parents is unwavering! If technology is your thing, you’ll be pleased to know there are loads of y ways you can contact us online! Send us a message on Facebook (link), Twitter (link) and Instagram (link), or through our website (link).

Whilst we embrace technology and it certainly has its merits, you’ll still find us handing out leaflets the old fashioned way at an event near you! If you would like to know more about fostering, you can call us (03300 948 816), come and find us at an event, or even just pop into your local office! We’d love to hear from you 😊

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