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Elephants on the loose in Hereford Town Centre!

Elephants On The Loose In Hereford Town Centre!

Somewhat overnight, it appears that the owners of Hereford’s town centre shops have been taken over by an abundance of elephants! But not the grey, big, noisy kind! The small, blue, soft, and adorable kind with a very important message…

Buttons The Foster Elephant’ is working hard around the town centre to raise awareness of the fact that thousands of new foster families are needed in England to support our most vulnerable children. Often people are apprehensive about taking the first step to becoming foster parents, because they are worried about training and support…. That is where Buttons’ fostering agency, Family Fostering Partners come in!

Who are Family Fostering Partners?

Family Fostering Partners are an independent fostering agency dedicated to training, supporting, and recruiting foster parents to help young people locally.

Who is Buttons?

Buttons is an Elephant on a mission to spread the word about fostering and highlight the need for foster parents locally. As well as his day job, he has also raised hundreds of pounds for children’s hospice charity Ty Hafan!

Buttons is looking for loving homes in Hereford, so please take him home and tag us using #ButtonsHereford.

Usually priced at £13.99, Buttons is completely free, and Family Fostering Partners will continue to donate to Ty Hafan for each elephant collected! By tagging and sharing where you have found Buttons, not only will you be spreading the word about fostering, but each month one person will be awarded the prize of “best picture” with an extra donation will being made to Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice in their name.

Where will Buttons’ be hiding?

We have teamed up with Sunshine Radio who will be announcing a clue every day! See if you can guess where he is hiding…. Answers at the bottom of the article!

MONDAY 8TH AUGUST: Mews 4 a while over this next clue. What do you call a singer who sells the best sandwiches, antipasti, patisserie and fresh fruit in Hereford? A-Deli!  Buttons is such a Char-cutie- re, and today he is hiding amongst the goods on St Owen’s Street!”

TUESDAY 9TH AUGUST: “Button’s galore is what you can expect at Hereford’s best Haberdashery. There is no DOUGHT you will find an elephant or 2 amongst the fabrics and crafts on Church Street…”

WEDNESDAY 10TH AUGUST: “It’s time for us to spill the beans on our next clue! Variety is the spice of life, second only to Burritos!! In the Buttermarket, you’ll find Buttons the Elephant tasting the best Burritos in Hereford. That’s a wrap….”

THURSDAY 11TH AUGUST: “Can you be-leaf that it is Thursday? Look amongst the greenery, you might just find a plant that you Lov! We are rooting for you! Grow and find Buttons on Church Street!”

FRIDAY 12TH AUGUST: “This shop took it’s first STEP into the retail world 150 years ago. A family business based in the heart and SOLE of Hereford. Don’t forget to tie your laces, and walk, don’t run to go and find Buttons!”

SATURDAY 13TH- MONDAY 15TH AUGUST: “Buttons the elephant has been spotted browsing the country clothing, footwear home and garden accessories with his good friend Philip! Take a look in the toys section on Widemarsh Street, and you are bound to find an Elephant or two…”

Why are Family Fostering Partners different?

Family Fostering Partners are an independent agency with family values at its very core.

“We take our time to get to know each one of our fostering families as individuals and offer them unrivalled support and training to give the children in our care the very best possible outcomes. Building happier futures for children and young people is at the heart of everything we do; be it short or long term, we want to make a positive difference” explains Managing Director Judith Rees…but FFP need your help.

How can I help?

“We so often hear ‘I have always thought about fostering’, or ‘when the kids grow up’… if that sounds like you, then we want to hear from you! If you have a spare room and room in your heart to offer love and support for a local child, then please get in contact.”

Contact: 03300 948816 for a no obligation conversation or head to  www.familyfosteringpartners.co.uk to hear testimonies from the foster parents FFP currently support.


8th – Hereford Deli, 9th – Doughty's Haberdashery, 10th – Loaded Burritos, 11th – Lov Leaf, 12th Robin Elt Shoes, 13th-15t

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