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Experienced Carers – Why Move to Family Fostering Partners?

As experienced foster carers looking to change fostering agency you should have a clear idea of what you are looking for from any new agency.

If what you are looking for is an agency that offers extensive knowledge shared by staff with many years of experience and who know what a good foster care agency looks like, an agency that delivers attention to detail backed by the right systems and structures, but with that something extra, then Family Fostering Partners is probably a good choice for you.

If you value individualised support, the local delivery of services such as training, and an ethos that means we have a genuine willingness to learn from the experiences of others, then you can start to see why we believe Family Fostering partners might be the right place for you.

Most importantly, we balance the serious side of fostering with, fun and friendship. Our support groups make it easy for new people to join and feel welcome. The agency has a genuine family feel, where every member is important and valued for his or her contribution, which creates a genuine sense of belonging. This is easy for us to do because unlike many fostering organisations, we are owned and run by a group of family and friends.

So you see, with Family Fostering Partners you get the best of both worlds – professionalism and fun!

The Transfer Process

At our initial meeting with you, we will explain how we will support you to achieve a trouble free transfer in the shortest realistic timescale. Like you, our first consideration will always be not to disrupt any children or young people in placement, and to enable you to continue the positive work you have achieved to date.

Transferring agencies is really not as daunting as it might appear, and we are there to help you every step of the way.

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