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Experienced foster carer?

  • We love working with experienced foster parents and are excited to hear from any experienced carer who wishes to switch to our agency.  
  • We value our carers and the work they do and we always include them as part of the Family Fostering Partners team.  
  • We know switching agency can be stressful, but we will make the transition as smooth and easy as possible for you! 

As an experienced carer you will already know how rewarding but challenging a role you do and how important it is to work with an agency where you feel valued and respected. Sadly, the stories we hear from foster parents, and recent research from Fostering Network in their State of the Nation report, highlights that far too often, carers feel undervalued and ignored, with 16 % of foster carers expressing a wish to change agencies. We speak every week with carers who feel that they are just a number in large national agencies. Their voices are not heard, and their needs ignored. Family Fostering Partners can promise you a very different experience.

Remember, you have every right to transfer to another organisation and should not be pressured by your current agency or Local Authority to stay.

Many carers are concerned that a decision to move agency will affect the child or young person you are currently looking after. This is most definitely NOT the case. We work with a significant number of carers who have transferred to Family Fostering Partners with their child in placement and can discuss your concerns before you make any decision about the transfer process.

So, if you feel that your needs are not being met by your current agency or fostering organisation, or if you are ready for the opportunity to specialise in one type of fostering, for example, Parent and Child placements and to be paid a retainer for your expertise, then read on!


As an experienced foster parent, you will understand that each fostering organisation is different, whether that is its size, its culture, or its staffing structure. Here at Family Fostering Partners, we think that local and personal is the only way to deliver support to our carers and this ethos is at the heart of how we Care for the Future. Foster Parents are our most valued resource. After all, without you, we cannot do what we do! It is this personal touch which tells us that a website is all well and good but is never a substitute for a chat. If you are unsure whether transferring is right for you and for now, then be assured that you can talk to us in complete confidence. We promise to be open and honest with you and to give you the best advice possible.

Talk to Us

Whether you are currently fostering with another agency or Local Authority we would love to hear from you and to understand why you are considering transferring. We can answer any questions you may have about Family Fostering Partners and promise to manage this sensitively and respect any concerns you may have about confidentiality.


If we mutually agree that a transfer to Family Fostering Partners is right for you and for us, then we will do everything in our power to make that transition as smooth as possible. You will need to be reassessed but having been already been through the process it will be quicker and simpler. We will prioritise your assessment and allocate you an experienced worker who specialises in working with carers who are transferring. Your assessment will be completed as quickly as possible without compromising on quality. There is an established protocol from the Fostering Network, which sets clear guidelines for the process of transferring agencies. To read this protocol, please click here.

Why join Family Fostering Partners?

Our 5 promises to you.

  1. You will feel valued and respected.
  2. You will receive support that delivers peace of mind.
  3. You will be provided with training that helps you be the very best foster carer.
  4. We will make sure that we match carefully between your family and the needs of our young people.
  5. We will work in partnership with you to improve the lives of the children and young people we look after.
Foster Parent

Family Fostering Partners have exceeded our expectations and were absolutely brilliant when we had a couple of difficult placements. The support we received was far more than we have ever had in our previous fostering experiences.

Thinking about fostering?

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