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Family Fostering Breakfast Feast

Whilst you are reading this, there are hundreds of children across Wales who desperately need a safe and loving place that they can call home. If you have ever consider fostering, you are already in a special group of people willing to take the brave step of opening your heart and home to care for these vulnerable children.
There may be many reasons why people decide to foster, but often the main motivation will be an opportunity to provide a child with a better chance in life. Day to day contributions carers make may seem simple, for example, ensuring children have a good breakfast to set them up for a day at school - but never underestimate how these small things can have an enormous impact.
At Family Fostering Partners, we thought we would return the favour to families who may already be foster carers, or to those of you who may be thinking about fostering for the first time. What simpler way to kick start your relationship with us, than with a Free Breakfast, to set you up for the day – and the future.
Children who are in care are all individual, which is exactly why we need a range of different families willing to consider fostering. Our free Breakfast Feast is open to everyone who’s considering, or who feel ready to become, a foster carer for Family Fostering Partners. Its’ an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the most important meal of the day, whilst chatting informally with experienced foster carers and staff about the joys and challenges of offering a loving home to a vulnerable child.
We really understand that attending an event like this can feel like a big step, and so we promise to be friendly and welcoming. If you can pluck up the courage to come along - we will do the rest!

There are plenty of myths and misconceptions about fostering.
You may worry that fostering involves looking after children for very short periods of time, and might be concerned about the emotional impact of seeing them move on and leave your home. For Family Fostering Partners, this really couldn’t be further from the truth! Most of our children and young people stay with their foster families until they are ready to live independently, giving you a fantastic opportunity to enrich their lives and make a difference.
Other myths may be around age limits for fostering; whether you must be married to foster; whether you must own your own home; whether we are looking for “perfect families” (if they exist!!); or whether you can foster if you are a single person or a gay carer. We can answer all these questions!
Foster carers are a vital part of a team of support provided to vulnerable children. In recognition of this commitment, foster carers can take advantage of a generous tax-free allowance, enabling you to dedicate the time and effort necessary to the role. Our experienced staff and carers at the Breakfast Event will able to give you further information, and guide you through the assessment process involved. If you decide to take the plunge, you will be supported and helped all the way.
Family Fostering Partners are ranked as a Tier 1 agency in Wales.
Those of you who are already familiar with fostering will understand that this is an accolade which recognises the high level of professional support and training that we provide. This support and knowledge allows you to concentrate 100% on helping your foster child develop to their true potential. We are a local, family owned company, with staff who live and work in the areas we serve. Between us, we have more than forty years’ experience of fostering, with many of our staff also first language Welsh speaking. We promise that at Family Fostering Partners, you will always be valued and respected as important members of our team.
If you’re currently fostering and you want to work with a Tier 1 agency, or if you’re considering fostering for the first time and want to learn more, then why not have breakfast with us on the 7th of November?
Spaces for this event are limited, and booking is essential, so please don’t delay. Get in touch with us today via email (contact@familyfosteringpartners.co.uk), by phone (01267 232228) or by messaging us on Facebook or Twitter.


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