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Foster a Child in Powys

Family Fostering Partners is an independent fostering agency (IFA) dedicated to meeting the needs of children and young people who need a caring family home.

We are a well-established fostering agency in Wales, an accolade which is testimony to our excellent support and service! 

We are urgently looking for new foster carers to join our family in the Powys region covering Newtown, Brecon, Welshpool, Montgomery, Builth Wells, Llandrindod Wells, Rhayader, and all other areas of the region. 

Thinking of becoming a foster parent?

Choosing to become a carer is a huge decision that will change your life, for the better! Foster care is one of the most rewarding careers there is, working with vulnerable children and young people and helping them to build happier and brighter futures. 

If you want to make a difference to young people’s lives in your local community, give back to society, and enjoy the benefits of working from home to your own schedule, foster care could be perfect for you! 

It is a big responsibility to take on and we aren’t going to lie, foster care can be challenging, exhausting, and hard work, but it is also exhilarating, rewarding, and fills our carers with a huge sense of pride. 

Can I foster? 

There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ foster carer. Foster carers come from all walks of life, have different backgrounds and experiences, and each brings something new and exciting to the table. Fostering is flexible and we believe that everyone can have a positive impact on a child’s future.

That being said, there are a few essential criteria that you must adhere to  be eligible to apply. You must be over 21, there is no upper age limit. You must have a spare bedroom for the foster child to stay, and you must have enough time in your life to commit yourself to the role.

If you fit these requirements, then you can foster! There are no restrictions on fostering in terms of background, marital/relationship status, gender identity, sexual orientation, culture, or any other classification. At Family Fostering Partners, we celebrate difference and are dedicated to promoting equality and diversity. 

Benefits of working with Family Fostering Partners

If you’ve decided that fostering is for you, the next step is to choose a fostering provider. You can choose between a local authority service or an IFA like us! IFAs often have more resources that they can offer to carers, providing them with a more supportive fostering experience. 

At Family Fostering Partners, we offer our carers: 

  • A competitive professional fee and fostering allowance. Allowances vary depending on the type of care you provide and how many children are staying with you. 
  • 24/7 support from an experienced member of the team.
  • An extensive training programme designed to equip you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to foster.
  • Events and support groups for foster parents to help you build a support network of like-minded people. 
  • Thoughtful matching process pairing foster parents with children who we think will fit well together and form a positive, strong relationship. 
  • Family approach where we work as a team and your thoughts and opinions are listened to and acknowledged. 

Your role as a foster parent

In short, the role of a foster parent is to provide a safe and loving home for a young person in need. This includes all of their day-to-day care responsibilities such as taking them to school, meal times, bedtimes, and all the other parts that constitute regular family life. 

However, foster care is much more than this. Children in care will be especially vulnerable and negative life experiences could have caused them to be dealing with emotional trauma and confidence issues. Foster carers must provide a nurturing environment to aid in their recovery. 

That’s why Family Fostering Partners are an attachment-focused agency. We believe that careful and considerate care based on meaningful relationships are crucial to the overall health and wellbeing of young people. 

Our promise

Family Fostering Partners is driven by a commitment to provide; 

  • Children in care with the experience of a well-matched, stable, and nurturing family home in which they can grow and thrive. 
  • Foster parents with first-class support, supervision, and training to enable them to provide and maintain that stable, transforming environment. 

Changing lives with care

Foster care really does have the power to change lives! From your initial contact with us through to your application, approval, and your continued work, you will be supported, trained, reassured, and valued. Take the first step to begin your journey, give us a call on 03300 948816, send an email to info@familyfosteringpartners.co.uk or fill out our contact form below. 

Thinking about fostering?

With your busy life, we like to keep things simple! Please choose the option below that suits you best.

Fostering to Suit You

No two children are the same, therefore there are many different types of foster care. Similarly, every carer is different too, bringing with them different skills and life experiences. We offer many types of care to suit the skills of our carers including short term, long term, and parent and child fostering! 

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Care Inspectorate Wales Report

“Foster carers receive good support from a staff team who are well trained, caring, skilled and knowledgeable. Foster carers feel well supported by the supervising social workers, who in turn feel fully supported by their manager and the responsible individual. The service provides an active offer of the Welsh language and is able to provide many of its services through the medium of the Welsh language.”

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Generous Allowances

We pay all of our foster carers a competitive professional fee and allowance in recognition of their hard work, time, and skill. Foster carers also benefit from certain tax exemptions and benefits to help with the cost of care! 

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Foster Parent

Family Fostering Partners have exceeded our expectations and were absolutely brilliant when we had a couple of difficult placements. The support we received was far more than we have ever had in our previous fostering experiences.

Foster Parent

Whenever there is a concern or query there is always someone ready to help, not just my Supervising Social Worker (SSW). 

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