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Fostering a Child with Disabilities Q&A

  • Fostering a child with disabilities involves taking a child into your care with a physical or mental disability or health needs, and providing them with a happy and safe environment to grow and develop
  • Could you foster a child with disabilities?
  • Do the skills and training required differ?

Fostering a child with disabilities involves taking a child into your care with a physical or mental disability or health needs. By fostering a child with disabilities, you may face various medical conditions, varying from developmental disabilities such as Downs's syndrome and autism to physical disabilities, which may limit a child's mobility, learning difficulties, and sensory disabilities. At Family Fostering Partners, we offer specialist training and support to allow children with disabilities, much like other young people in our care, the best chance in life. That all begins with a safe, stable home environment where they can grow and develop. That's where you come in!

Could you foster a child with disabilities?

Fostering a child with disabilities does come with more challenges and can seem quite daunting, but it is an opportunity that allows you to learn whilst also making an indescribable impact on a young person with disabilities' life. The fundamental secret is patience and a willingness to learn, and with these two attributes, the rewards will be unmatched! All other requirements such as age, a spare bedroom and security checks remain the same. Whether you are a first-time or veteran foster carer, Family Fostering Partners will be there with you every step of the way to guide and support you, ensuring a smooth transition and a happy family home.

What are the skills & qualities required?

As mentioned above, the two most important attributes are patience and a willingness to learn. This is because children with disabilities often have varying complex health needs which need to be understood and met. Researching the disability and understanding the way it works and affects the child is fundamental to providing them with the best care and resources. We at Family Fostering Partners will help with this and provide specialist training to suit the child's specific needs in your care. Aside from that, a good sense of humour is essential, as with all children, having fun and laughing is essential to their growth and development.

What are the different types of disability fostering?

The types of disability fostering remain consistent with all fostering placements, from long-term and short-term to respite breaks for parents or carers. The main difference is the additional support we offer young people with disabilities on their journey to adulthood which is vital for consistency and allowing them to blossom!

Does the training differ?

Generally, the training remains the same, except for the additional time spent learning how to look after a child with disabilities and deal with any hurdles you may face. Understanding their disability and how it may develop as they do is essential when fostering a child with disabilities. Therefore, we have a team of specialists who will ensure you have all the skills, attributes and support to create a happy, healthy home environment that promotes growth and development.

Where can you go for extra advice and support?

To us! We offer support wherever and whenever you need it to ensure you never feel alone on your fostering journey. No question or situation is unsolvable for our team, who are available to guide you on this exciting adventure, that is sure to change the life of a child or young person with disabilities!To find out more, please contact us here.

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