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Fostering as a Career

Can foster care be a career? 

Yes, absolutely! Family Fostering Partners recognise fostering as a professional career and it is widely considered a viable career option. Whilst many people recognise the charitable nature of fostering, we understand that this takes time and hard work, just like any other job! Not only is fostering a fantastic career choice, but it is also one of the most rewarding roles out there. Fostering lets you give something back to the community and help make a positive and lasting change in many young people’s lives.

Why choose a career in fostering? 

Choosing to foster is a wonderful thing to do and our carers report having amazing job satisfaction from their role, some of the main things they love, include: 


One of the best things about being a foster parent is the flexibility that comes with the role. There are many different types of foster care and you can choose to specialise in whichever kind will most suit you and your family. Foster parents are always deeply involved in the placement process and we work hard to match children with families that will suit them. So, whether you want to provide respite care, a long-term home, or take on the challenge of fostering siblings, there is a type of foster care flexible enough to suit your lifestyle and needs! 

Family life 

Fostering is a great job choice for people who love family life. People who already have kids may choose to foster to extend their family or those whose children have flown the nest may be missing the presence of children in their lives. Similarly, single people or those without children can have a fun family life through fostering - we understand that families come in many different shapes and sizes! Foster care is a great way to fill your home with love and grow your family, forming strong connections and bonds with others. 

Own boss

Foster care lets you be your own boss! No more commuting to work or running to a 9-5 schedule. When you foster, you work with a team of link workers and social care professionals to provide the very best care for that child. You are an equal member of a team of people whose main priority is always to safeguard and protect looked after children. 


What could be more rewarding than knowing you’re making a huge difference to a young person’s life and helping them to build a happier future! Foster parents can enjoy watching their foster children learn, develop and grow in confidence, sharing their knowledge and experience with them and building a happy home life. 

Do foster parents get paid? 

We recognise all the hard work, time and commitment our foster parents put into their role and, of course, you are not expected to do this for free! All carers who are looking after placed children will receive a fostering allowance. This allowance covers the complete costs of looking after your foster child or children. It can be used for buying food, clothes, paying bills and also for recreational activities and pocket money for children! In addition to this, we pay a professional fee in recognition of the work you have put in. Find out more about our fostering allowance here

Begin a career in fostering 

If you are patient, loving and nurturing, then you will make a wonderful foster parent! There is no need for any qualifications, past work experience or specific skills, all training is provided for new foster parents and we also provide 24-hour support and guidance for our carers. So if you want a career in fostering, what’s stopping you? Contact our team today to make an initial enquiry and take the first step in an amazing career. 

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