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Fostering in Cardiff

If you’re committed to opening your heart and your home to a vulnerable young person in Cardiff who needs your help, then Family Fostering Partners are ready to support you on that journey every step of the way.

Based in Llanelli, Family Fostering Partners is the brainchild of our Managing Director, Judith Rees. Drawing on her own experiences as a senior social worker, Judith was determined to create an Independent Fostering Agency (IFA) that was something special.

Family Fostering Partners has been fostering in Wales and putting families first since 2015.

Foster care in Cardiff

Much like the celebrated children’s author and “favourite son” of Wales’ capital city, Roald Dahl, children and young people are the focus of our world too.

In collaboration Cardiff County Council, Family Fostering Partners focuses on making the safeguarding, welfare and positive futures of young people in the care system our priority.

When staying in the birth family home is not appropriate, and friends or other family members cannot provide “kinship” care, the child will enter the care system.

Leaving the birth family home can be an upsetting and disorientating experience for anyone. When a young person has experienced abuse or trauma, moving into the care system can be doubly stressful. Family Fostering Partners believe that there is real value in maintaining connections with friends and family (where appropriate). When you consider that Cardiff boasts being the first Fair Trade capital in the world, and more green space than any other UK city, moving someone away from their locality seems decidedly unfair.

Internationally acclaimed singer Dame Shirley Bassey proudly claims Cardiff as home. As someone with three Bond film theme songs to her name, she can perhaps testify better than most about how important “bonds” with home can be.

Love, care, good advice, encouragement, and the setting of boundaries are just a few things that any parent offers their child, and looking after a foster child is no different. However, when you consider the additional moral and social responsibilities of parenting someone else’s child, liaising with the birth family, social services and the Local Authority, it’s no wonder we think of our foster parents as “super parents”!

Fostering with Family Fostering Partners

When you join our network of foster parents that stretches across Cardiff, South and Mid Wales – in fact we now cover into Mid West England, you become part of an IFA that empowers foster parents to provide the ideal familial environment that a troubled young person needs.

  • Accommodating
  • Strong
  • Flexible
  • Resilient

You’d be forgiven for thinking we're describing Cardiff Castle, but we use these words to describe the kind of advice, support, ongoing training and financial resources we offer our foster parents.

There is no “typical” foster family experience, and in recognising this, our commitment to quality and level of care is not typical either.

Our “Be There To Care” scheme has been expressly designed to ease you through the transitional period from giving up work until you accept your first foster child.

Fostering in Wales can take many forms, e.g.

Whatever sort of care you pledge to provide, the generous foster care allowance from Family Fostering Partners is there to help with everyday expenses such as utilities, clothing, events and furniture.

From day one, we'll be by your side throughout the entire process.

If you would like any more information about fostering in Cardiff or across Wales, please contact us.

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