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Fostering in Carmarthenshire

Carmarthenshire is a county with a juxtaposing landscape, from the mountainous edge of the Beacon Beacons to the beautiful sandy sea coast, and from the post-industrial mining areas of the east to the rural farming area of the North West, Carmarthenshire really is a microcosm of Wales.

Despite it’s beauty and individuality, Carmarthenshire has not escaped some of the social challenges Wales faces, including an ongoing need for more foster carers. Just like the varied geography and demography of the county, we need a range of different families to become foster carers. If you have live in rural setting and have several spare bedrooms or if you live in the middle of Llanelli and have just have one spare bedroom, you could become a foster carer and help bring stability and love to the life of a vulnerable child.

As a fostering agency, we cover the whole of South Wales, but many of our staff have specialised knowledge of Carmarthenshire from Kidwelly to Llandeilo, and from Carmarthen town itself to Newcastle Emlyn, we strive to ensure that the support we offer our foster carers is as local as possible.

Every young person that we help to look after is unique and the plan for their care will be custom to their needs, therefore, valuing the individuality of each child and understanding what type of fostering is best for them is vital when ensuring the most suitable match between foster children and carers.

As a result, there are many different types of foster care:

We have dedicated pages with further information on the types of foster care available, which can be found by clicking on the headings above. During the journey of becoming a foster parent, we are able to assist individuals in determining the most suitable types of fostering for them and their family.

Choosing to become a foster carer is not a decision to take lightly, however, if you live in Carmarthenshire, or any part of South Wales, and are ready to take the next step, why not drop us a message and read more about how to become a foster carer as well as more information about us as an agency.



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