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Fostering Panel Questions And Answers: What to Expect

Embarking on the final stage of your fostering application, having answered the fostering assessment questions with your designated social worker, involves a crucial final step—the fostering panel.  In addition to staff from Family Fostering Partners, the fostering panel comprises of experts from various backgrounds that are independent to the fostering agency. These include teachers, social workers, health professionals, care experienced people, and foster parents. This 'fostering panel questions and answers' stage is one of the penultimate steps on your journey to being an approved foster parent.

Understanding the fostering panel:  

The panel plays a crucial role in determining your suitability to foster. They meet to make a recommendation about whether you are suitable to foster, but the ultimate decision rests with the Agency Decision Maker.  

As the fostering panel meeting approaches, it's normal to feel a mix of excitement and nervousness, given the significance of their recommendation. However, understanding the purpose of the panel can help to settle any nerves that you may have.  

What is the fostering panel responsible for?  

Comprising of both Family Fostering Partners staff and independent members, the fostering panel is chaired by someone external to the agency and meets to discuss your application. They will have read your Form F Report, and the questions will be related to this report. This meeting serves as a platform to discuss any remaining fostering assessment questions that may arise from your Form F Report and is an environment for both parties to ask questions.

It is also an opportunity for the fostering panel to get to know you; delving into your motivations to foster and what your expectations are. There will also be time for you to seek advice or ask your own questions. Your assessing social worker will not only be there to support you throughout the assessment process but will also prepare you for what to expect on the day of panel. You can find out more about the fostering panel.

How long will the fostering panel meeting last?  

Typically, the fostering panel meeting lasts no more than an hour. The panel will discuss your application before you are invited into the room to ask and answer fostering panel questions. Take your time with responses during this conversation and treat it as a stepping stone towards your goal of becoming a foster parent.

What fostering assessment questions can I expect? 

The fostering panel may ask questions about the Form F Application to iron out any details that they are unclear about. They may also ask you questions about your motivation to foster, who you can rely on to support you in this journey, and what you have found enjoyable about the assessment process. 

The panel chair will step out of the meeting on the day of panel to introduce themselves to you. They will advise you what the fostering panel questions are prior to you entering the panel meeting room. With the help of your assessing social worker, you will answer the questions in front of the panel members.

Fostering panel questions may include:  

  • Why do you want to be a foster parent?  
  • What is your support network like?  
  • What are your expectations of fostering?  
  • How have you found the assessment process?  
  • What are you most looking forward to in your fostering journey?  

Things to remember about the fostering assessment questions:  

The fostering panel are dedicated to bringing out your very best qualities. While nervousness is entirely normal, at Family Fostering Partners, your social worker will always be on hand to guide and prepare you for every step of the process. From the initial home visit right through to the panel meeting, your Assessing Social Worker will always be happy to answer any of your questions or queries.  

Are you feeling ready to embark on your fostering journey? Reach out to us today at 03300 948816. If you're still exploring the idea, you can request an information pack or ask any questions you may have by contacting us. 

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