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Fostering Siblings

According to a new freedom of information request released this month at least 5,000 siblings in care across England and Wales have had to be separated after being placed in care. The figure for individual local authorities show that Bridgend has a particularly high rate of separation, with 58% of sibling groups being split up.


Although there are certain situations where siblings might need to live separately, for example to aid counselling or to help with recovery from abuse, the sad truth is that some children will be split from their brothers or sisters simply because there aren’t enough foster carers available who can offer a loving home to multiple children.


There is constant need for more foster carers across south Wales, and as we look forward to “foster care fortnight” we will be writing further about the hard work that carers undertake, and how you can open your home and heart to help vulnerable children by becoming a foster carer yourself. However, the new data that has been released as part of this FOI request underlines the need to look at increasing certain types of carers as well as the overall number of carers.


Children who are placed in foster care have often lost everything that they are/were familiar with, and no child in such a situation should be in fear of losing the loving anchor that can be your brother or sister. We at Family Fostering Partners are proud of being able to help siblings stay together in safe foster homes, we have a number of carers who are already offering nurturing environments that helps siblings live and grow together to become healthy independent adults.


However, our job is never done.  We are always on the lookout for further amazing people who want to become foster carers.


If you live in south Wales and you think you could help children stay together, or if you would like further information on how to become a foster carer you can contact us by email on info@familyfosteringpartners.co.uk or by phoning 01267 232228.

We look forward to hearing from you. 🐘


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