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Join the Number 1 Agency – its official.

We are hugely proud to announce that we are on the All Wales Framework Agreement Relating to the Provision of Foster Care Services for Children and Young People. This news is important to for both existing and potential foster carers.

The All Wales Fostering Framework (South and Mid Wales) consists of only 15 providers spread across three tiers.Not only are we on the framework but we are actually ranked as the number 1 agency on Tier 1. To achieve this ranking means that we scored highly on both delivering quality and value.

This is a result which has surpassed our expectations, and which combined with the positive report from CSSIW, is a massive testament to the hard work of the Team here at HQ in Carmarthen!

Being on Framework was always important to the organisation’s growth and success, but being this successful will bring with it some exciting challenges which includes the need to recruit more foster carers.

Tier 1 also means, amongst other things, that we will have the first opportunity to match our carers with children and young people awaiting a foster placement before the placement is offered to agencies in other tiers. Whether you are a new or an experienced carer this should be an important fact for you to consider when choosing an agency to join.

If you have been thinking of becoming a foster carer for a while there could not be a better time to talk to us.

If you are an experienced carer thinking about a change, then please come and talk to us as we have a lot to offer you too including locally delivered training.

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