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Life in Foster Care

We had the privilege of chatting to Davin (21), an aspiring actor and care experienced individual who had been in foster care since the age of 2. In 2012, Davin was living in a residential home before moving to live with Family Fostering Partners’ Foster Parents Jackie and Andy. Davin lived with Jackie and Andy for 10 years, before moving to Cardiff to pursue his dream of acting.

“When I was in the children’s home it was like a family, all of us together; the kids and the staff members. It was very good there, I had a good year. But compared to actually having foster parents and a parent relationship… it’s definitely a big difference and in my personal opinion for a child in care, to have parents is definitely better

I felt quite nervous after just leaving the children’s home. I was at the house for 1 year, and then I moved in with them (Jackie and Andy), I felt nervous on the first night, but also quite happy and relieved and excited that I had finally found a family.

I lived with numerous foster carers, but the best ones for me were Jackie and Andy.”

Foster Parents have the ability to make a huge difference in children’s lives, and the same can be said for Jackie and Andy and their impact on Davin’s life. He explained;

“It could have gone either way from the kids home that I was in, but I’m very happy I found them and they found me and it went in more positive direction. Without their input, their support and their kindness in my life, I don’t know where I would be today. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them. The main thing for me that made me happy was being part of a family. As well as having them two, I also had extended family; their family. It meant a lot to me. After being in care and moving around different homes, I had finally found the family and a place where I belonged.”

The need for Foster Parents has never been greater, Davin explains why he thinks more people should be foster parents.

“They provide that guidance and support that the young person needs. It’s important to be a foster carer as you can be a parent to those who truly need it. For those who have had a difficult life so far, but need that love and support in a family.

Family doesn’t always need to be related by blood. Family you find, family loves you no matter what. I think the best thing that makes a foster parent is someone who will be exactly like a parent, they will treat you like you’re their child. Someone who is supportive, caring, and gives you so many happy memories like my family did. I think that’s what’s best.

Yes it is difficult, but if you can have a big impact on somebody’s life and can be the support that child needs, it’s 100% worth it.”

If Davin has inspired you to find out more about how you can make a difference, then we would love to hear from you! Click ‘Request an Info Pack’, ‘Book a Call’, or contact us on 03300 948816; we would love to hear from you.


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