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Independent Fostering Agencies vs Local Authorities…

22 October 2020

If you’re new to fostering, you may be wondering what the difference is between independent foster agencies and local authorities. As a new or prospective carer, you have the choice whether to register with your local authority (LA) or with an independent fostering agency (IFA), such as Family Fostering Partners!  Local councils are legally responsible for the safeguarding…

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Foster Care Requirements

22 October 2020

Fostering is an extraordinary thing to do, and often, it’s just normal people going out of their way to change children’s lives and make a difference in society. It is a common misconception that there are loads of rules and requirements surrounding being a foster parent. In fact, there are only a few essential factors that you need…

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Black History Month 2020

16 October 2020

As part of our work with the local Authorities across Wales we receive referrals for children from a wide array of backgrounds and ethnicities. This presents us with the challenge of ensuring that every child or young person is placed with a foster family who can help them feel connected with, and to continue to learn about their…

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Preparing to be a Foster Parent

28 September 2020

It’s great that you’re ready to start preparing to be a foster parent. Fostering is an amazing thing to do and helps give a child a second chance to live a happier and brighter life. However, fostering isn’t just beneficial for children and young people, foster parents gain so much joy and life satisfaction from the children in…

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