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Our commitment


We have already mentioned on our website, and in many of our blog posts about our values and how we always aim to be different from the larger fostering agencies. One of our most important values is ensuring that we work locally within the areas where our carers live, helping us to give back to the communities in which we operate.


We believe that part of our corporate responsibility is our commitment to bilingualism and we aim to always afford equal status to Welsh and English, something that most fostering agencies do not even attempt to achieve.


This commitment does take up a considerable amount of time for our team,  but we believe that it is always worth the effort to ensure that both of Wales’ official languages can be used by our customers and staff whenever they so wish. The commitment is also not without its challenges because although our team has decades of experience in fostering we are not linguists and as a result, there may be some grammatical or spelling errors in our Welsh language pages. We think that this is a small price to pay for encouraging the use of written and spoken Welsh but would be happy to hear and learn from anyone who draws our attention to typos or mistakes!


We will continue in the future to ensure equal access to both languages in Wales, therefore if you are thinking of fostering and would like to speak to someone in either English or Welsh then we will be here to help assist you in your language of choice.


If you are a small business or organisation and you would like to pick our brains about how we try and maintain a consistently updated bilingual website and services, then we would be more than happy to share our experience in order to help more institutions, organisations, agencies and businesses to use both of Wales’ official languages in their daily work.

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