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Parent and Child Fostering Training

Those interested in early child care may have the skills and interests to make excellent parent and child foster carers. This type of role is especially suited to those with previous experience of caring for a newborn or toddler, but this is not a necessity. In the most part, this type of foster care is ideal for people with lots of patience and lots of love to give!  

If you’re interested in the role, we provide a complete and thorough training programme to ensure you have all the necessary skills, knowledge, and understanding to take on the task at hand!  

What do parent and child carers do?  

This is a special role that requires a foster parent to look after a young mother or father alongside their baby in your home. The role is intended to support the vulnerable parent during a very crucial time in their life and help to provide them with guidance to ensure the child is getting the very best care.  

During this time, you are also required to contribute to an assessment on the parent to ascertain their suitability to look after the baby in the long run. To do this, you will work with a team of professionals including social workers from Family Fostering Partners to assess the person in your care and hopefully ensure that they can remain together as a family!  

Who is suitable for this role?  

The ideal candidate for this position is someone who loves being around small children and is very calm and considerate towards some of the feelings and difficulties the parent may be going through. They should be able to teach the young parent any skills they may need to learn in a level and clear way to help support them as much as they can. This can include simple things relating to childcare but also other household tasks that are essential for parenting such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting, and shopping. 

What can you expect to learn in the training?   

Parent and child training is undertaken in addition to all of the usual training any type of foster parent would expect. This is because the role often requires carers to go above and beyond normal duties and act as a role model to the person in their care.  

Training is intended to provide you with skills, such as:  

  • How to stimulate and communicate with small children between the ages of 0 and 3.  
  • To understand attachment and bonding between parent and baby. 
  • How to understand the differing needs of parent and baby. 
  • To develop skills that will help you support and develop the parenting skills of the mother or father. 
  • To learn how to boost the confidence of a struggling parent.  

All training sessions are completely open for you to raise any issues you may have to the floor and have them answered in an open and honest way. It is a judgement-free zone where you can ask as many questions as you have and feel comfortable throughout the training process.  

If you’re interesting in finding out more about parent and child fostering training, give us a call to discuss this further with a professional fostering advisor. You can call us on 03300 948816 or click here to contact us via a method of your choosing.

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