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Embracing Hope: Parent and Child Fostering with Family Fostering Partners 

Parent and Child Fostering is a specialist form of fostering that aims to support parents and their newborn child to stay together. There is desperate need for individuals who have the skills and knowledge required for offer this unique form of care. If supporting a Parent and Child to stay together is something you’re interested in exploring, then at Family Fostering Partners we have a dedicated team of link workers who will support and guide you throughout your time offering Parent and Child Placements.  

What is Parent and Child Fostering? 

parent and child photo 1As mentioned, Parent and Child Fostering is a specialised form of foster care that focuses on supporting and assessing parents’ ability to care for children in a home environment. This type of fostering is designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment for either one or both parents and their child/children, with you on hand to offer support and guidance so they can develop and refine their ability to care for their child. Over the course of around 12 weeks, you will help parents to develop their caregiving skills to be the very best parent they can be. To delve deeper into Parent and Child Fostering and what it might entail, click here  

The primary goal of Parent and Child Fostering is to assess and evaluate the parenting skills and abilities of a parent or parents who may be facing challenges or difficulties in caring for their child. This form of fostering is often utilised in situations where there are concerns about the parents' capacity to provide a safe and stable home environment. It recognises the importance of family preservation while ensuring the safety and well-being of the child.  

Transforming Lives, One Family at a Time: 

As a Parent and Child Foster Carer, you will have a unique   opportunity to help keep families together during challenging times. By providing a supportive and nurturing environment, we hope to be able to  empower parents to overcome obstacles and create a stable home for their children. At Family Fostering Partners our exceptional foster parents provide parents with the skills and nurture to provide the very best care for their children. Becoming a parent and child foster parent is a paid role – click here to learn more about allowances for our Parent and Child Foster Parents. 

Building Lasting Connections: 

Of course, becoming a Parent and Child Foster carers  is about more than just providing shelter. It's about forming genuine connections that last a lifetime. Through Family Fostering Partners, you have the opportunity to be a guiding light for both parents and children, helping them begin their parenting journey and create a strong foundation for the future. “It’s important that they feel that you are their advocate and they can trust you. It’s about building a good rapport and hopefully a good relationship. You can then work together as a team and hopefully the final outcome will be one that is positive” Explains Jayne, a parent and child foster parent. 

Extensive Support System: 

parent and child photo 2Embarking on the journey of Parent and Child Fostering with Family Fostering Partners means you are never alone. “Family Fostering Partners have been very supportive, caring and they are always there if you need them. I can ring or message my link worker Anthony, and he will get back to me as soon as possible” explains Jane. Family Fostering Partners provide comprehensive support, including specialised training and access to resources. 

“It is really rewarding supporting our Parent and Child Foster Parents. They are a community of people with a common goal – the best possible outcomes for the children and families in their care.” Explains our Parent and Child Link Worker, Anthony.  

All foster parents with Family Fostering Partners have access to Foster Talk. Click here to find out what support they offer We are here to ensure that you are well-prepared for the challenges and triumphs that come with fostering. 

A Chance to Make a Lasting Impact: 

Parent and Child Fostering goes beyond providing a temporary home; it offers a chance to break cycles of hardship and create lasting positive change. By embracing this unique fostering experience, you become a catalyst for transformation in the lives of parents and children alike. Start your journey today – use the live chat feature in the bottom right hand corner of our website, email us at info@familyfosteringpartners.co.uk, call us directly on 0330 0948816 or visit our contact us page

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