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Radio appeal to prospective Foster Carers

It has been said (rather unkindly I think) that Judith has the perfect face for Radio and this was put to the test recently when Family Fostering Partners were offered the opportunity to discuss fostering and the need to recruit new foster carers on the Jason Muhammed show on Radio Wales.
Judith was accompanied by one of our fantastic foster carers, Lee Smith who spoke eloquently and passionately about the way in which too many families may be put off fostering because of fears that they may not conform to the ideal notion of family.
The emphasis was on the different kinds of families who are able to successfully foster and the reward that fostering can bring.
Judith asked people to “count themselves in rather than talk themselves out.” The rule is – if in doubt come and talk to us.
Lee Smith also talked about the importance, for the carer and for the young person being looked after, of having friends and family who can share both troubles and joys.
Thanks to Jason and Radio Wales for this fabulous opportunity to talk fostering.

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