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The benefits of Fostering

As a society, we are relatively familiar with the process of adoption. It is often seen on TV and film as the only means of giving a child a long-term, stable home, when, for whatever reason, birth children are not an option. In contrast, many believe that becoming a foster parent means offering a child a home for only short period or respite.

The perceived inability to build a relationship with a child and see them develop into adults is why many people instantly chose adoption over fostering, but his could not be further from the truth.

Unfortunately, many children, particularly those above a certain age, are highly unlikely to be adopted, but still require a safe place to call home, and an adult who will look after them. This is where fostering comes in, carers give their time and love to a vulnerable child, but have the benefit of professional and financial support to allows you the option of becoming a full-time carer. This support in no way diminishes the selfless nature of opening your home and providing the safe space and love that a child needs.

At Family Fostering Partners, the majority of our children are in long-term foster placements. This means that our carers have the opportunity to care for children from a young age, right up until the time they are old enough, and ready, to live independently.

Becoming a foster carer allows you to give a child the love and care that they need to reach their full potential, whilst knowing that you have a team of professionals around you to call upon if needed.

In contrast to adoption, fostering with an agency such as FFP means that you receive up to date training in how best to meet a child's needs, or how to interpret their behaviour, which may often be a cry for help. Now that fostering is increasingly being recognised as the professional career that it is, the financial support given to carers is also significant, allowing more of your time to be spent nurturing your foster child.

Therefore, if you (or yourself and your partner) are considering adopting, why not have a conversation about fostering?

If you live in Wales and would like any more information, we are only a phone call away.

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