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Fostering outcomes

There are many ways to look at fostering in terms of ‘achieving the best outcome’ or to measure "Foster Care Outcomes" for the children in our care.  The overarching outcome for our foster carers is to help any child and young person who enters their care to have the best possible outcomes in life, and to be supported on their journey through foster care to enable them to achieve these outcomes.

 Family Fostering Partners- our foster care outcomes:

Building happier futures for children and young people is at the heart of everything we do.

  • Any child who comes under our supervision will have a care plan, this plan will set positive goals for that child’s future.
  • Be it short or long term, we want to make a positive difference.

What do positive foster care outcomes look like?

Usually, it is something that we can too easily take for granted such as being safe, being healthy, and having economic wellbeing. When a child has lived in chaos, these outcomes should not be taken for granted, however small they may seem.

We strive to create an atmosphere where the desired foster care outcomes for our children become reality. This is what we consider to be the foundation to fostering. Our carers are trained in the skills that empower them to help looked after children to achieve positive outcomes, helping them to lead happy and successful lives.

Achieving the best outcomes for children in foster care is not possible without the young people in our care having the support they need. This means that we work tirelessly to ensure that our fostering households encourage healthy living through proper nutrition and exercise, learning economic skills such as how to manage money, and how to enjoy social activities such as sports and music.

When a child has the chance to learn how to make good lifestyle choices, he or she can take those choices into their way of being that becomes part of the experience that will continue into adulthood.

Helping our foster parents achieve positive outcomes for children in foster care.

Our goal and hope is that we have carers who are dedicated to providing ways for looked after children to make positive advancement by their daily modelling of good choices and values. When young people learn how to develop good emotional and physical habits that promote their wellbeing, they are able to carry this ability to adulthood. As an independent agency, we offer professional education, training, and development to our foster parents so that they can be the best foster parents possible! By supporting our foster parents in their role, we are helping them to support and nurture the children in their care.  In turn, our foster parents have access to Foster Talk. This membership provides free medical and legal advice, as well as webinars and discounts.

At Family Fostering Partners, we take seriously the fact that we are entrusted with the care of vulnerable children and young people. The big question that underlines our philosophy and our values is, “If we don’t care for the future, then who else will?” Achieving the best possible foster care outcomes for the children in our collective care is at the heart of everything that we do.

If you are interested in becoming part of our team, whether that means transferring from another agency or starting with the assessment process, call on 03300 948816 or drop us an email to info@familyfosteringpartners.co.uk


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