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Tough times never last, but tough people do

- Robert H. Schuller

The coronavirus has brought tough times for everyone: from health issues be they physical or mental, to job loss and economic hardship. Everyone is affected in some way and to some degree, so I would just like to thank and publicly acknowledge our staff and foster carers for the resilience they have shown in these difficult times.  Foster care is 24/7 and you cannot let children down whatever the circumstances! To our tough team - a very big thank you for all you are doing to provide a safe environment for those in our care in these tough times.

Coronavirus has already changed the rhythm of our day to day lives significantly. The way to help beat it is to stay in our homes and focus solely on our loved ones and on keeping them safe and well. As each of us find our own ways to manage our difficult circumstances, it is easy to forget that for so many children, home may not be the warm, caring and safe haven that others enjoy.

We cannot predict how the virus will impact on foster parents in Wales which is why for us at Family Fostering Partners we have focused on finding different ways of working to ensure that we continue to offer the very best support and training to our foster parents. It cannot and should not be business as usual, because to take such an approach would be irresponsible. Instead, it is business for the unusual! We are using all of the latest technology to keep in touch and help our foster parents, including daily live Facebook sessions; e-learning; pre-recorded podcasts on topics of interest, and good old-fashioned phone calls and text.

It is very likely that a post-Coronavirus world will be a very different place, not least of all because many of us will have taken the time to revaluate how we live and what are our priorities. The crisis has brought out the best in people, helping elderly neighbours and others in need, and this heightened sense of social responsibility will hopefully last once the crisis is over.

Sadly, one crisis that won’t be over, even when Coronavirus is a distant memory, is the number of children needing care and the commensurate need for more foster carers, but for now, we need to take one step at a time and play our part in ensuring that we do what we can to stop the spread of this awful virus.

If you have any queries regarding foster care during this difficult time, remember that our virtual office doors are wide open to you. We can use the same technology that we have to support our foster parents to help answer your questions. You are very welcome to contact us through a variety of ways - by phone, email or via the live talk facility on our website.

Stay tough, stay safe.

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