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Types of Foster Care – Which is the most suitable for you?

  • The different types of foster care ensure that every child’s needs are met, whether they are long-term or temporary, whilst a future plan is considered
  • Parent and child placements are fundamentally important to break the cycle of poor parenting, and encourage a healthy environment for both parent and child to grow together
  • Respite and emergency foster care allow for flexibility, providing children and young people with a safe environment whenever they need it

Family Fostering Partners values the individuality of the children and young people we support, which is why we understand the benefits of all the different types of foster care available. We provide advice and support, to ensure we create perfect matches between children and foster carers over and over again. To us, it is fundamental that every child finds a happy, stable and reliable place to call home as they grow and develop, whether that may be long-term or temporary, to enable them to get the support they need.

Long-term Foster Care:

Long-term fostering means that a child or young person remains under the care of the same foster carer for several years or until they reach adulthood. It benefits both the child and the foster parent by providing stability and a sense of belonging, creating strong, lasting relationships. This consistency, whilst different from adoption, creates a secure and permanent home for that child's development.

Parent and Child Fostering:

Parenting, unfortunately, doesn't come with an instruction manual or guidebook; therefore, some parents may find themselves needing some additional support sometimes. Parent and
child fostering placements involve specialist foster carers helping these parents, guiding them, and equipping them with all the skills they need to become better parents for their children. This is a type of foster care we specialise in, and we have an expert team who ensures the best outcomes to allow these parents and their children to live happily and safely together.

Respite Care:

This type of flexible foster care provides short-term relief to parents and carers, usually for a weekend or an evening. It provides care in times of emergency or sudden events or for parents looking after a child with complex health needs or behavioural problems. Respite care allows a well-needed break for both parents and children to rejuvenate and reset.

Emergency Foster Care:

In times of unexpected crisis, emergency foster carers are needed at short notice with no time to prepare or plan. This type of foster care is essential to provide immediate care for children or young people. Emergency foster care can be unpredictable and challenging, especially since these young people are likely to be scared and trying to process something they don't understand. Therefore a safe, calm and kind environment is essential for these children.

Short-term Foster Care:

Short-term foster care is especially beneficial to young people as it provides a firm safety net in a particularly uncertain time in their lives. This type of foster care allows for temporary placements in a safe environment whilst a child or young person's future plan is carefully considered. This is a popular option for first-time foster carers as it allows them to get used to being a foster parent without the commitment of a long-term placement.

Fostering Teenagers:

At a crucial moment in their journey and development to adulthood, a safe, stable home environment is essential for shaping teenagers into their future selves. As they grow more aware of their hormones, sexuality, and society, as well as imminent adulthood and responsibility, it is important they have access to all the support, advice and skills they need to survive in the big wide world. Fostering teenagers is often an overlooked type of fostering due to the expectation that they are more challenging to look after. As a result, a large percentage of young people are deprived of permanent fostering placements. By fostering a teenager, you are providing a space for them to grow and develop, as any young person should, giving them back the childhood that has been taken from them.

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