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What makes fostering with Family Fostering Partners special?

Starting on the journey to become a foster carer is a big decision that can change your life and help reshape the lives of foster children, providing them with a stable, loving environment. When choosing an agency, it's crucial to find one that aligns with your values and commitment to making a difference. At Family Fostering Partners (FFP) we’re committed to only providing the very best support and training to those who chose to foster with us, our aim is to build a community for those dedicated to fostering children. We want to become the clear choice for individuals looking to become foster carers. Our aim is to take as much of the burden and worry away from foster carers, so that they can concentrate on the most important thing, which is, ensuring that children who are fostered feel safe and loved.

We’ve written this blog post because we’re proud of the work that we do, and we wanted to highlight what we think are the top 10 reasons to foster with us at Family Fostering Partners.


1) Unparalleled Support and Training

Probably the most important part of our role as a fostering agency is ensuring that we only provide the highest level of training and support to our foster carers. Our foster parents, many of which are completely new to fostering, whilst others have joined us from other agencies, praise the comprehensive training programs available both online and in person. Regular sessions ensure carers are well-equipped to handle various situations, fostering resilience and stability within the foster family.

CJ, a foster parent with FFP, describes his experience of the support and training in the following quote:

"It’s really important for us to give the child or children stability and support, and that’s what Family Fostering Partners does for us. It gives us stability, support, training, and we feel like part of a family.”

This sentiment is echoed by Nat who also fosters with us, who feels the agency is like an extended family, always ready to lend a hand:

“It’s special just because of the support we get. They are like family. It’s a big family of people who are there to support you”.

Katie, another foster parent, appreciates the accessibility of support, stating:

“Nobody is inaccessible…. Working with FFP, it’s not work. Our support workers and everyone in the chain we can contact at any time.”

In addition to all of the support, guidance, and training we provide ourselves; we also give all of our Foster Parents free membership to an organisation called FosterTalk who are able to offer even more support and guidance!


2) At Family Fostering Partners we want to build a community.

As the old adage goes, it takes a village to raise a child, that’s why building a wider community and support structure around you as a carer is really important to us. Our training, events, and support groups are all held in your local area which allows you to build relationships with other foster parents. Tyler, a Foster Parent with us at Family Fostering Partners, describes his local group of foster parents with FFP as the following:

“It’s like a big family group. A lot of people know each other. If you’re having a rough time, you can always speak to each other how would you deal with this, how would you deal with that? It is just like a big family.”

This collective wisdom strengthens the fostering experience, ensuring no one feels isolated in their challenges.


3) Family Fostering Partners, your local agency.

At Family Fostering Partners being a local agency is incredibly important to us, we have deep roots in Wales, offering fully bilingual services in Welsh and English. This local focus ensures that services are tailored to our community's needs, providing the support, and training you deserve as close as possible to where you live. By working closely with Local Authorities across Wales, we can help provide the best outcomes for all involved, ensuring children can be matched with carers in their local area.


4) We work with every local authority across Wales.

We’re members of the All Wales Fostering Framework which means we work with every local authority in Wales, ensuring that we can help match children who are looking for a safe and loving home with foster parents who are looking to provide such a home.


5) Building Bright Futures.

Family Fostering Partners is not just about providing homes for children who need them; we want to nurture their potential and help them overcome past experiences. Our approach to fostering is a holistic one, focusing on the well-being and development of both our carers and children through keeping up to date the latest science and research on childcare and child development.


6) Regular Fun Days and celebrate how amazing and rewarding fostering can be.

The work that Foster Parents and Family Fostering Partners undertake is incredibly important, we know that this work can at times be stressful and taxing, that’s why we organise regular fun events for carers, children, and staff. Theres are opportunities to relax, enjoy yourself, as well as an opportunity to meet other foster parents.


7) Importance of matching when foste

As an agency matching children with foster families is one of our most important task. Ensuring that a child’s needs are matched with Foster Families who can meet those needs is vital. That’s why we want to get to know you as a family, to understand your hobbies, and your interests. By getting to know you and what makes you tick we can match children with you who are likely to enjoy or benefit from your hobbies and interests.


8) Financial Reward.

Opening your home and heart to a child is in altruistic act, however, fostering is also a professional role, a career with serious responsibilities and duties. Consequently, it’s only right that you are financially compensated for the vital work that you do in supporting some of the most vulnerable in our society. That’s why we pay our carers a competitive rate for the work that they undertake, we have more information on the pay structure on our “Do foster carers get paid” webpage.


9) Our CIW reports speak for themselves.

Don’t take our word for it, our latest CIW report speaks for itself:

“Family Fostering Partners is a service which clearly places children’s well-being at the centre of everything it does.”

“The agency places a high value on supporting foster carers to develop their resilience and skills through comprehensive training and fortnightly visits to foster homes”.

“There is a team of dedicated and enthusiastic staff who themselves are well supported by a knowledgeable and committed management team.”

Click here to read our full report.


10) We love what we do.

Our last point is simple but true, we love what we do, and we hope that you will to.


Choosing to Foster with Family Fostering Partners.

As we’ve outlined above, choosing to become a foster carer with Family Fostering Partners means joining a community. Our mission as an agency is to support foster carers, so they can concentrate on the most important thing, changing the lives of children for the better.

The decision to foster is significant, but at Family Fostering Partners, you're never alone. That said, don’t take our word for it, here’s what one of our Foster Parents has to say on the matter:

"Being a foster parent with FFP is special because it gives me the feeling of a 12-tog duvet wrapped around you. You feel comforted, supported and really safe and warm as appose to our previous experiences….”

Get in touch with us at Family Fostering Partners

If you would like to join our fostering family, you can get in touch with us by visiting our “Contact Us” page, by using the live chat feature on our website which will put you in touch with one of our staff members, or by calling us directly on 0330 0948816.

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