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What makes fostering with FFP special?

Just over a year ago, we spent time chatting to Foster Parents about Family Fostering Partners, and what they felt was ‘different’ about fostering with us. Some of our foster parents have transferred from other agencies or local authority’s and others are completely new to fostering, but it’s fair to say, there is definitely a theme here…

‘W H A T   M A K E S    F O S T E R I N G    W I T H    F F P    S P E C I A L ?’

‘The training and support has been fantastic. We can’t fault it. We have regular training sessions both face to face and online, and our support social worker contacts us at least once a week for a chat. We feel so supported by the whole team’ explains CJ.

‘It’s really important for us to give the child or children stability and support, and that’s what Family Fostering Partners does for us. It gives us stability, support, training and we feel like part of a family. They are also there to give support and back up if things did go wrong; it was something we were worried about when we started fostering, but we feel supported every step of the way. We would recommend Family Fostering Partners very highly.’

Foster Parent Nat agrees ‘It’s special just because of the support we get. They are like family. It’s a big family of people who are there to support you’.

‘And nobody is inaccessible.’ Katie adds. ‘Working with FFP, it’s not work. Our support workers and everyone in the chain we can contact at any time.’

But it’s not just support from FFP that is important, Tyler explains how seeking support from other foster families has been important to him in his fostering journey. ‘It’s like a big family group. A lot of people know each other. If you’re having a rough time, you can always speak to each other ‘how would you deal with this, how would you deal with that?’ It is just like a big family.’

If you decide to foster with an independent agency, finding the right one is crucial. Jane explains her thought process before approaching Family Fostering Partners.

‘We researched FFP before we went with them – all of the reviews looked good, but moreover it just felt ‘right’ when we met up with all the people there.’ – Jane

A foster parent who has asked not to be named, said ‘Being a foster parent with FFP is special because it gives me the feeling of a 12 dog duvet wrapped around you. You feel comforted, supported and really safe and warm as appose to our previous experiences…. ‘.

If you have any questions about fostering – whether your brand new, or looking to transfer from a Local Authority or Independent Agency, then we would love to hear from you. Use the ‘Talk To Us’ feature for a no obligation, confidential chat.

To listen to more about what our foster parents have to say about fostering and working with us, click here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWVHmI4j_jk&list=PLRl91YpDhu2dNHiLutixMSLNgb-mmXfPd

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