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Where better to start?

First, the decision to become a foster carer and second, which agency to work with are big decisions for anyone.  Family Fostering Partners think that these big decisions are always easier to make with a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit in hand and that’s exactly why, on June the 5th and the 8th we held two very successful coffee mornings, one at Haverfordwest and the other at Kilgetty.

These informal information sessions give people interested in the idea of becoming foster carers the opportunity to ask absolutely anything about fostering in a pressure free environment. These sessions are usually attended by a mix of people, those at the early stages of thinking about fostering, as well as those well on the way to making a final decision.

We were pleased to see that both new and experienced carers joined us to discuss the joys and challenges that fostering can bring, and the way in which Family Fostering Partners, being a local fostering organisation, are able to inform and support families every step of the way on this important journey.

These coffee mornings proved to be a springboard for several people deciding to take the plunge and join us as we create and develop a fostering agency which is personal and professional, and above all - local.

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