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Support for foster carers

  • We do our utmost to make sure our carers are properly supervised and supported throughout their time with us at Family Fostering Partners.  
  • We support you throughout your application, but help doesn’t stop there.  
  • Ongoing support and supervision, as well as tailored training, is provided throughout your years with us. 

Fostering is one of the most rewarding things you can choose to do, but that is not to say that it is without its challenges. We understand that at times you may need additional support, especially during your first placement. That’s why we ensure that support is always available for all of our carers.  

Remember that you are never alone. As a foster parent, you are part of the Family Fostering Partners family and you are just as important a part of the team as the link workers, administrators and other staff who work for us! We are all here to support each other and support you to provide the very best care for vulnerable children under our supervision.  

We stand by our carers  

Family Fostering Partners offer a comprehensive support package to all of our registered carers which includes: 

  • Generous fostering allowances and rewards. 
  • Fortnightly visits from an experienced link worker. 
  • A personalised 24-hour support service for carers to receive support and ask questions. 
  • Bi-monthly support groups. 
  • Comprehensive training plans tailored to your individual needs.

Our link workers are dedicated to delivering professional support and supervision to the foster carers who work with us. They are there to ensure that the child’s care plan is adhered to and that you are happy and confident in your role. They can assist you in maintaining records as required by Family Fostering Partners and they will help you to grow and develop in your role.  

What’s more, we work with each of our carers on a one-to-one basis to ensure that their specific needs are catered for. Custom training plans are created to ensure you get the information that you need and the support and supervision you require, at any given time.  

We want to make sure that all the children under our supervision receive the very best care, and we can only do that by supporting you every step of the way. We help you to care for the future.  

Independent support 

As well as the support you will receive from us, there are independent bodies that are dedicated to providing valuable support to carers, looked after children and social workers.  

If you wish to access independent support, you can contact: 


The Fostering Network - the UK’s leading fostering charity. 

24-hour legal helpline: 01384 885734
Stress counselling helpline: 01384 885734


Fosterline - a free helpline and website offering advice, information and support on all issues related to fostering. 

Call 0800 040 7675


Foster Talk - an independent, non-profit organisation providing professional support services to foster carers across the UK. 

Call 01527 836 910


If you want to know more about the support and training available to our registered carers, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. If you are a new carer, we will support you throughout the process of your application, so there is nothing to worry about! We are always happy to answer any questions, no matter how big or small. Give us a call on 03300 948816, send an email to info@familyfosteringpartners.co.uk or use our live chat tool today!  

Foster Parent

Family Fostering Partners have always supported us. There is always someone to talk to if needed.

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