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Why the need for Fostering?

Below are some circumstances that result in children being unable to live with their parent(s) either temporarily or permanently. This list is not exhaustive, but may provide you with some insight into the reasons why children find themselves without a home.

  • They have been physically, sexually or emotionally abused
  • The parent has an acute or chronic mental illness
  • They have been seriously neglected
  • The child is beyond its parent’s control and may be in trouble with the police, not attending school etc
  • Young people may be remanded into care
  • A teenage mother who needs guidance and support in caring safely for her baby
  • The parent abuses drugs/alcohol
  • Family relationships have seriously broken down and a young person asks to be looked after away from home
  • The parent has rejected the child
  • The child has additional needs and the parents need a break

Often there are multiple reasons why a child cannot live with their parents.

As a result there are many children and young people who need to stay in a Foster home for various lengths of time. Often these children are not in control of the situation and can feel very vulnerable, frightened and confused.

The majority of children return to live with their birth family. Some move on to adoptive parents and some remain with the Foster carers until they are old enough to live independently.

Tip: Don’t be too rigid about the types of children you want to care for – be prepared to have an open mind and to discuss your preferences.


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