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World Maths Day

Tomorrow (7th of March) is World maths day therefore we thought it would be a good opportunity to talk about the importance of educational support to children and young people who are being looked after.

School can be stressful for all children, but for children who are being looked after and who may have had several schools changes the thought of trying to make and build new friendships as well as doing their best with their studies can be overwhelming.

As a foster carer you play an integral part in helping a child build the confidence in school and at home ensuring that a child can reach their full potential this will be in conjunction with attending LAC (Looked After Child) meetings with local authorities and educational professionals.

There are loads of great material online in both Welsh and English that can be of use to anyone who wants learning resources on any school topic. We have taken the time to list some of them below:






If you think you have the skills needed to help a child to reach their full potential, then you can register your interest in becoming a foster carer by filling in the form below. Alternatively, you can use the live chat box in the bottom right hand corner of your screen or email us at info@familyfosteringpartners.co.uk

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