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Foster Care Wales

  • What are the requirements for becoming a foster carer?
  • Family Fostering Partners is proud to be a leading foster care agency in Wales, providing 24/7 support to both foster carers and foster children.
  • The step-by-step Fostering Process

At Family Fostering Partners, everything we do is centred around providing children in need with a healthy home environment that allows them to grow and develop as all children should. We understand that deciding to become a foster parent is a big decision, which is why we aim to provide you with all the knowledge you need to make up your mind.

What Are the Requirements to Become a Foster Carer?

The most important requirement when fostering any child is that you are able to provide them with a safe, happy, and stable home environment. Age isn't a restriction, as any adult mature enough to support a child can become a foster carer. We only ask that you have enough energy to keep up with them!

You also don't need to be part of a nuclear family in order to become a foster carer; there is no discrimination towards single or same-sex parents.

Fostering a child is about your ability to care for and look after a child, not your sexuality, gender or age.

An obvious requirement is that your foster child will need their own space, so a spare room is essential. We strongly advise, indeed it is a requirement, that this is their own room unless, in certain circumstances, they are sharing with a sibling!

Alongside these physical requirements, a resilient mentality is crucial. Becoming a foster carer can be hard work, so we ask for patience, stability and compassion.

Fostering in Wales:

Family Fostering Partners is proud to be a leading foster care agency in Wales. Due to our incredible, dedicated team of professionals and foster parents, we have been ranked as a Tier 1 agency on the All Wales Framework for four years running! Our services extend to various types of foster care such as short-term, parent and child, respite, emergency, long-term and fostering teenagers. We offer new and veteran foster carers 24/7 support to ensure you never feel alone at any stage of the fostering process.

The Fostering Process:

1) You've already completed step 1!

When it comes to fostering, the first step will always be showing an interest and researching the ins and outs of becoming a foster carer.

2) Contact us by phone, email or via the chat option on our website

By contacting us, we can answer any initial questions or queries you may have and arrange a home visit. During this home visit, members of our Family Fostering Partners team can talk in-depth with you about the whole fostering process and help you decide if becoming a foster carer is right for you and your family.

3) Apply to Become a Foster Carer

After a successful home visit, you will be invited to formally apply to become a foster carer by completing an application form.

4) The Assessment Process

Once we have received your application, we will allocate you with a Link Worker from Family Fostering Partners’ Team. They will be your lifeline and assist you throughout the process of becoming a foster carer. This should speed up the process and get your application approved faster; a regular assessment with us should take around 4-6 months. You'll be invited to participate in and complete a valuable three-day Skills to Foster training during your assessment period. This is a fun and easy way to help you on your fostering journey whilst also providing you with all the skills and knowledge you need. At the same time, official DBS and medical checks will be done to ensure the child's safety. All of these factors will allow us to work out what sort of foster children you can help most and which children will be best suited to your family!

5) You're all set!

We can then match your skills and qualities to a foster child, and the fun is ready to begin!

Every child deserves a sense of stability, home and belonging, and our goal is to provide foster children with a normal, happy life that allows them to grow and prosper. For more information, contact us at Family Fostering Partners.

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