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Growing up in Foster Care – Davin.

9 December 2021

We had the privilege of chatting to Davin (21), an aspiring actor and care experienced individual who had been in foster care since the age of 2. In 2012, Davin was living in a residential home before moving to live with Family Fostering Partners’ Foster Parents Jackie and Andy. Davin lived with Jackie and Andy for 10 years,…

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Could your fostering journey be written in the stars?

24 November 2021

People have been fascinated by the Zodiac Signs for centuries! The sun’s positioning, and consequently the ‘star sign’ your birth falls under is said to have a strong influence on your personality, character, emotions, and relationships. It’s no coincidence that our Foster Parents within Family Fostering Partners share personality traits, and those traits make them fantastic Foster Parents!…

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Fostering after retiring from the police

A new beginning    Did you know that over the last 5 years there has been a 10% increase in the number of children coming into care in the UK? Family Fostering Partners are working hard to provide safe and stable homes for children of all ages. Could you join us…

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Fostering Agencies in Wales

An introduction to us at Family Fostering Partners Our support for those new to fostering Transferring to Family Fostering Partners An Introduction to Us: We are an independent fostering agency that puts foster children first as we aim to provide them (and you) with all the support needed to allow…

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