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Could your fostering journey be written in the stars?

24 November 2021

People have been fascinated by the Zodiac Signs for centuries! The sun’s positioning, and consequently the ‘star sign’ your birth falls under is said to have a strong influence on your personality, character, emotions, and relationships. It’s no coincidence that our Foster Parents within Family Fostering Partners share personality traits, and those traits make them fantastic Foster Parents!…

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What is a care order?

Care orders and joining a foster family Before a foster family can welcome a vulnerable child or young person (anyone under 18-years-old) into their lives, several processes will have taken place to ensure that the foster home is the best place for that individual at that point in time. The…

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What is a looked after child?

Children who are looked after - words matter as much as actions When you start researching information on becoming a foster parent, chances are you’ll quickly come across the term “looked after” in reference to children or young people in care. Whilst the home nations have some nuanced differences in…

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