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Leap into Fostering…..

Leap into Fostering…..

Once every 4 years we are given an additional day in the year. Why not make it really count this year and using it to  start an exciting journey to becoming a foster parent?


We know from experience that reaching the decision to apply to become a foster parent takes time and sometimes you need a little extra push to just go for it. That’s exactly why February 2020, with its extra day, could be the perfect time to take the next step.


Fostering is a way of making an amazing contribution to society, but more importantly it gives you the chance to make a real difference to the life of a young person who, for whatever reasons, may not have had the greatest start. It’s difficult to under-estimate the impact that good foster carers can have in helping a young person turn their life around, supporting them in creating opportunities to achieve and succeed in ways they might never have thought possible.


Here are the 6 main steps to becoming a foster parent with Family Fostering Partners and you can take the first of them right now.


  1. Enquiry/initial information

You can register your interest in becoming a foster parent with Family Fostering Partners by calling us today on 03300 948816. We will talk to you about fostering and answer any immediate questions you may have. This call will help you decide whether you would like to move through to the next stage.

  1. Initial home visit

One of our social workers will arrange to visit your home to share more detailed information about fostering and about Family Fostering Partners. We will explain how we work and what we do to support our foster carers.

If following our visit, both parties decide to proceed, then we will invite you to complete an application form. Once we have received this form, the assessment process begins, and you will be allocated an assessor to commence our work together.

  1. Fostering Assessment

A social worker from Family Fostering Partners will visit your home over a period of between 8 to 10 weeks to collect information about you and your family, and to learn about any skills and experience you have which will help you with fostering. This information will be collated into a report called a Form F.

  1. Skills to Foster Training

During your Fostering Assessment, you will be invited to attend a three-day Skills to Foster Course. Attendance at this course is mandatory because it will provide you with important additional learning about fostering and the foster carer task. If you haven’t been to training events before, or are worried about learning in a group environment, we will do our best to put your mind at rest. The training is fun and interactive, and we never put anyone on the spot or make them feel uncomfortable.

  1. Fostering Panel

Once your assessment is completed and your Form F written, the report will be presented to the Family Fostering Partners Foster Panel – a group of people whose role is to ensure that your preparation has been thorough and comprehensive. You will be invited to attend the Fostering Panel, accompanied by your Social Worker from the agency. The panel will make a recommendation on your suitability to our Agency Decision Maker, who will make the final decision on whether you can be approved as a foster carer.

  1. You become a foster carer

You will begin your career as a foster carer for Family Fostering Partners, and we will use the information gained during your assessment to match your skills and experience with a child/young person who needs a foster placement.

You can contact us by using the live chat option in the bottom right corner of your screen, by filling in the form below, by email (info@familyfosteringpartners.co.uk) or by phone (0330 094 8816).

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